Which Social Network To Focus On?

Have you ever wondered which social network you should focus most of your efforts on?

Have you ever dreamed of magically zeroing in on your desired target audience?

In this article I’ll show you how to extract the best intelligence from a Zintro infographic on the topic of Leveraging Yourself As An Expert By Using Social Media.

As Mashable pointed out:

It’s more complicated than just posting status updates at random and seeing what sticks.

When is Facebook most effective? When are you better off using Twitter, or LinkedIn? And what exactly is Google+ good for, anyway?

The business consultant network Zintro recently pulled research from more than a dozen sources including Mashable, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and Quantcast to put together this nifty infographic, which will help you develop your social strategy. Check it out below for the full report.

The Scoop On Facebook

Should You Use Facebook?

As you can see, Facebook targets a rather youngish audience, and is best for more individual discussions. However, there are many great exceptions where folks have built a large following while managing to keep their Facebook presence very personable: check out Mari Smith for one such example. My read: Facebook works if you have a great personality driving the page.

How Does Twitter Stack Up?

Should you use Twitter?

According to Zintro’s findings, 55% of Twitter users are female, and the best usage for Twitter is short, to-the-point status updates — making Twitter probably the vehicle of choice for companies such as airlines and real estate agencies. And unless you’re a larger-than-life celebrity, it probably remains hard for individuals to create a huge following based on your personality alone.

My Favorite: LinkedIn

Should you use Linkedin?

LinkedIn has (and will remain) a much more work-oriented platform, great for networking. By my own experience, LinkedIn groups have been the single best place to micro-target the kind of business prospects with your relevant information. Since people join groups based on their declared interests, it’s easy to match up your message with their needs.

Where Is Google Plus?

Should you use Google Plus?

The infographic seems to hold out on Google Plus, similar to a lot of other folks. I guess for now, the advice is to register your account and reserve your vanity URL shortener at gplus.to — then wait and observe.

Your Turn

So now it’s your turn: What is your favorite network for social media, and do you use any other ones such as these 585 niche social media