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Logos: Put Your Best Foot Forward

You only make a first impression once, so don’t bungle it.

Dealing with Security Challanges – On Your Network

Is it better to use the Windows XP SP2 firewall and turn off ZoneAlarm or the other way around?

Which Social Network To Focus On?

Should You Use Facebook?

Have you ever wondered which social network you should focus most of your efforts on? Have you ever dreamed of magically zeroing in on your desired target audience? In this article I’ll show you how to extract the best intelligence from a Zintro infographic on the topic of ‘Leveraging Yourself As An Expert By Using Social Media’.

Mobile Trends 2012


At the latest ‘IGNITION WEST: Future of Mobile’ conference in San Francisco, Business Insider’s Gobry, Cocotas, and Blodget put together a deck on the current trends in mobile, looking closely at the growth of smartphones and tablets, the platform wars, and how consumers are actually using their devices. Find out the key take aways, and what you need to do with your website…

Traffic Is Never FREE

Content Marketing

Despite everything you may have heard, traffic to your website is never free. There’s two ways to get traffic to your site — but among the two, one is clearly the smarter way…

Embedding Engagement In Your Social Media Efforts

embedding engagement in your social media efforts

A lot of businesses ask for help with their social media. The first thing I tell them is “Don’t do it. Unless you’re prepared to do it right.” But fortunately, there’s really only two key ingredients you need to build a loyal and engaged following.

Should Businesses Get Into Pinterest?

Pinterest is the social network with the fastest growth rate. Ever. It’s s bulletin board allowing users to “pin” images and videos that they like – and due to the visual appeal of the “pinboards” it’s got an insanely high engagement rate. So naturally, businesses are trying to figure out how to put this phenomenon to good use, i.e. for building and extending their own brand.

Creating Compelling Content

Creating great content is at the heart of inbound marketing…. an approach to creating free traffic in exchange for great content. Many folks think that great content means written copy, but as the editors of point out, great content comes from many places… and can be delivered in a number of formats.

Copyright Explained

With blogging comes great responsibilty. You define the content of your weblog and you carry the full responsibility for every word you’ve published online. More than that, you are responsible for comments in your posts. To make sure you fulfill your legal obligations, it’s important to know, what you, as blogger, may or should do; […]

Bulletproof Email Delivery

As so often, seemingly minor questions by clients turn into opportunities for further research and follow up. In this case, it all began with an HTML-formatted e-newsletter to 5000 recipients. Several weeks later, reports came back in asking if we’d sent the newsletter.

Five Outside-the-box Ways to Cut IT Costs

The best time to consider cost-saving measures is before the CFO comes knocking on your door.

Success Tips You Never Learn in School

Small Business Trends has a great synopsis of some of the most important success skills for an entrepreneur. Call it learning “life skills for entrepreneurs”, something you probably wish you’d learned in college.

Free Stuff For The Office

The May 2008 issue of Inc. Magazine features a bunch of free tools that you may find useful for your business.

Running Over Budget

How do projects run over budget? Or would it be better to say that the project wasn’t priced correctly at the outset?

Mastering Keywords

Proper planning at the outset of a project is a critical success factor – one such facet is keyword research and how it ties into copywriting and search engine optimization.

Content Theft and Plagiarism

The demand for content puts more pressure on website administrators, who may resort to stealing content in order to fill space on their sites

How Much Is Too Much?

How much should you spend to register new domain names? Why would you even bother to spend more than you have to?

Update Your Flash Player

CNET’s security blogger Michael Horowitz described extensively in a recent blog entry why it is so important to upgrade right away your browsers on Macs, Linux and Windows to Flash Player’s version

Keep HTML Emails Sexy

The world of email deliverability has changed a lot in recent years – who is sending the email is becoming more important than what the email says. Find out how to maintain good sender reputation!

Position Your Brand

The 4D positioning rule is desirable by customers, distinctive from the competition, deliverable by the company, and durable over time.